Small businesses are an important part of our country’s economical makeup. Long before chain establishments and big-box retailers, hard working and creative people crafted their goods as a means to support their families while feeling the needs of potential buyers.

As a result, some really amazing products were made and sold. Many of these items are either not found in the general retail market, are priced with ridiculous markups, or  are lower quality items than you might find in a small business store.

In our view, these are some really awesome people who are coming up with some really amazing creations. Whether it’s buying their products or simply spreading word of their shops, supporting small businesses are something we care deeply about as well as something these shops deserve.


My Spiritual Whispers Boutique

My Spiritual Whispers is an online boutique owned by operated by Misty Scheidt. Created in 2023, this awesome little shop sells hand-made items such as pendulums and pendants with a strong focus on spiritual protection. New items as such as spirit water, REM pods, and more are currently being created by Misty for inclusion . Be sure to check back often, as you never know what you’ll find in this amazing boutique!

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Spooks N' Sparkles

Spooks N’ Sparkles is an online shop owned and operated by Alison Brooks. Created in 2021, this amazing store contains an array of products made in-house. You’ll find spiritual items such as sprays and bath soaks, as well as keychains, drinkware, jewelry, and more. Alison is also known to make items per request. Keep checking back as there’s no telling what you’ll see next!

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Vortex Ghost Gear | Shops | Night Shift Paranormal

Vortex Ghost Gear is an online shop operated by Bob Christopher and Gina Bengston. Beginning in 2005, this shop contains creates equipment for paranormal investigations, such as music boxes and other trigger objects, ITC devices, and more! Some of their amazing gear has even been featured on television shows such as “Ghost Nation”. Give this shop a visit, as you’ll find some high-quality and beautiful items that are sure to fit in perfectly for your next investigation!

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