Haunted Locations

This is a listing of historic and haunted locations that we’ve chosen to spotlight for a variety of reasons. Each location offers tours, paranormal investigation rental, or something else for you to partake in. We absolutely think you should check each one of them out.

Beattie Mansion

St. Joseph, Missouri

Beattie Mansion | Haunted Locations

Beattie Mansion is one of the most historic homes in Missouri. This massive building spans two floors and a full basement. It’s also quite the haunted hotspot. Known as “The House on The Hill”, plans were to turn this beautiful old structure into a bed and breakfast. That has yet to happen as paranormal activity has halted planned renovations.

The good news is that you can rent this place out for events. And you absolutely should, as Beattie Mansion is a really wonderful location. We held a Basic Psychic Development Workshop and Ghost Hunt there earlier in 2023 at one of Missouri’s most beloved haunted locations.

Beattie Mansion

Bobby Mackey’s Music World

Wilder, Kentucky

Bobby Mackey's

Bobby Mackey’s Music World is a nightclub owned by country music Legend Bobby Mackey since 1978. It is opened every Friday and Saturday night where you can drink, dance, and listen to some great live music. Bobby himself is a regular performer.

You can also take tours hosted by Gatekeeper Paranormal or rent this infamous haunted establishment on nights when the bar is closed. With a scheduled remodel on the horizon, you may want to act fast to visit Bobby Mackey’s as it looks today.

Bobby Mackey’s Music World

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Colorado Prison Museum

Cañon City, Colorado

Colorado Prison Museum

The Colorado Prison Museum is an amazing showcase of artifacts that detail more than 140 years of Colorado’s penal history. This collection of more than 200 artifacts is housed inside a former women’s prison, which shares a wall and guard tower with the still operational Colorado Territorial Prison.

In addition, the museum of available for day tours and overnight paranormal investigations. This museum is definitely one to visit, not only for the paranormal activity (which is said to be like visiting two haunted locations at once), but the history as well.

The Colorado Prison Museum

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Glore Psychiatric Museum

Saint Joseph, Missouri

Glore Psychiatric Museum

Glore Psychiatric Museum is a unique collection detailing the history of mental health treatment, not only in Missouri, but across the country. In addition, there are examples of patient ark work, replicas of vintage treatment devices created by George Glore (after whom the museum is named), and much more.

Not only is the museum housed in the former medical building of the asylum (originally known as ‘State Lunatic Asylum #2’), this multi-floor museum is known to be one of the more unique haunted locations. Glore Psychiatric Museum is open for tours and event rentals.

If this is a location you’ve never visited or heard of, you absolutely should make the trip. It’s worth spending some time taking in all of the amazing pieces on display – Or trying to communicate with the spirits that still remain.

Glore Psychiatric Museum

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