Paranormal Teams

Paranormal Teams: Furthering The Field Through Research

The paranormal field is deeply rooted in conducting research and providing assistance. Long before television shows, event companies, and content creators, individuals and teams would conduct investigations into claims of paranormal activity by researching history, collecting evidence, and trying to understand what may be occurring in order to help a client. Private investigations have, as a general rule, been conducted in a confidential manner and without charge.

Many teams exist today which perform this work, which continues to strengthen the foundation of paranormal research and enhance our understanding of the unexplained. This page contains a listing of some paranormal teams who are doing some really amazing things, as well as information on how to contact them, request an investigation, and even apply for membership.

Antietam Paranormal Society | Paranormal Teams

The Antietam Paranormal Society is a team based in Maryland and was founded in 2008 by Jeremy Boyer, Rebecca Boyer, and Ryan Williams. For the past 16 years, A.P.S. have worked to gather evidence for the purposes of understanding paranormal activity and those experiencing unexplained phenomena.

New cases are accepted on a case by-case basis and currently are restricted to within an hour of the team’s headquarters in Hagerstown, Maryland. All investigations are confidential and free of charge.

Their social media pages contain a wealth of information and resources, including paranormal terminologies, tips of the day, and useful information on paranormal topics. The team’s website also contains information for requesting an investigation, a log to submit paranormal experiences, and an application for membership (currently closed).

Antietam Paranormal Society